Fire Protection Suits

Nomex Fire Men Suit

Nomex Suit consist of three layers: outer Layer is made of Nomex Fabric, Second Layer is of moister barrier & Third Layer Thermal layer.

Suit consists of coat, pant, hood, fire fighter helmet protection, fire fighter boots & fire fighter Gloves.

Two piece fire fighter suit. The garments feature a removable thermal liner which may be removed for cleaning purposes. The garments are comprised of a Nomex IIIA 200 GSM Outer shell, a PTFE coated Aramid nonwoven moisture barrier and a thermal barrier comprised of a aramid nonwoven quilted to a woven FR Viscose-Aramid fabric. The Jacket has a metal zip front fastening with a storm flap secured with Velcro. The removable thermal lining is secured with a plastic zip and metal studs in the jacket and with metal studs in the trousers. The Jacket features three horizontal bands of yellow/silver/yellow tape about the torso, with two bands about each sleeve, the trousers have two bands of this tape about each lower leg. The garments are available in six nominal sizes.

  • Composition: Outer Shell Nomex suit construction fiber; 93% meta Aramid, 5% Para Aramid, 2% Anti Static Property for better Abrasion Protection
  • Moisture barrier: Resistant to water penetration and liquid chemicals
  • Thermal liner: FR felt attached to FR face cloth
  • Reflective Tape Tested: EN 471
  • Style: Jacket and trouser
  • Standard: EN 469

Description Jacket

  • Two side pockets with flaps and one radio pocket on chest
  • Front zipper extending to collar
  • Lace intact at waist

5 cm wide retro-reflective trim, one trim around the chest, one trim around the waist and one trim each around the sleeves


  • Pass though pockets on both sides
  • Fly zipper
  • Adjustable braces
  • Reflective trim near knees
  • Elastic intake on back


  • Fireman helmet as per EN443
  • Fireman hand gloves, waterproof and fire resistant as per EN 659
  • Fire Fighter Balaclava as per EN 13911
  • Fireman boots as per EN 15090

Sizes: M/L/XL

Application: Firefighters

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