Fire Protection Blanket

Silica Blanket

High Silica Blanket Available in 0.7 mm, & 1.4 mm thickness 9S% Silica Content, Melting Point 1600 Degree Celsius Working Temperature 1000-1100 Degree Celsius.

A High Temperature Silica Cloth like the one manufactured at RNG Performance Materials, India is typically used in environments with demanding temperatures, mostly found in the industrial sector. The reason why a High Silica Fabric is so much in demand over other protective industrial fabrics is that it remains flexible even when exposed to high temperatures while providing the utmost protection to the wearer. From welding to metal cutting and more, a High Temperature Silica Cloth is highly beneficial.

Benefits of High Silica Fabric:

  • High resistance to temperature upto 1600 °C
  • Thermal Shrinkage is less
  • Electrical conductivity is low
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