Fire Protection Suits

Kevlar @ Suit Coverall

Outer Layer is made out of premium quality Imported is made out of imported Kevlar aramid fibre fabric with inside woolen lining. Kevlar suit provide greater flexibility with cut resistant while working in intense heat area. Available in 2, 3, 4 layer

The outlook of Industrial safety has changed abruptly in the fourth quarter of the last century. Labours are provided with latest equipment and safety tools carefully designed for specific end user. Handling hot metal parts, working in hot enviornment or in our area where inflammable chemicals are either produced or handled.

Previously, chemically treated cotton uniforms were used but they were expensive, FR property declining with every washing, even their life was unusually less. ARAMID which is an aromatic Nylon which has Flame Retardant properties by virtue of chemical synthesis. This also helps in insulating properties. Hence the garments made from this fibre exhibits very high standards of Flame Retardancy for the full life of garments

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