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Aluminized Glass Fabrics

At SHINDE FIRE SAFETY PRODUCTS, These fabrics are used in applications requiring radiant heat as well as molten metal heat protection.

Our aluminized fabric is made with an aluminized PES film laminated onto either E-Glass Fiberglass fabric or Para Aramid Kevlar Fabric.  The Aluminized film not only gives the fabric radiant heat reflectivity and flame resistance but also makes the fabric impervious to chemicals and water.

At SHINDE FIRE SAFETY PRODUCTS, These fabrics are used in applications requiring radiant heat as well as molten metal heat protection.This makes our aluminized fabric an excellent option for application in products used for thermal insulation and as a radiant barrier. The aluminized fiberglass cloth or aluminized kevlar cloth becomes an ideal pick, especially for safety clothing where flexibility is essential.

Hence, the aluminized fiberglass fabric made at SHINDE FIRE SAFETY PRODUCTS, are used in numerous industries where manufacturers, engineers and designers work in extreme performance and environmental conditions.

Here are some typical applications of an aluminized fiberglass fabric:

  • Fire Proximity Suits
  • Furnace Safety Suits
  • Aprons
  • Gloves
  • Radiant Heat blankets, welding blankets and curtains
  • Expansion Joints and Bellows
  • High temperature insulation
  • Heat shield and containment
  • Removable insulation cover
  • Safety clothing
  • Pipe wrapping
  • Turbine blankets
  • Engine exhaust covers and insulation blankets

The aluminized fiberglass cloth we make provides the necessary robust physical properties and temperature resistance. The reason for that is that, it is made with advanced technology and has the latest specifications.

The specifications of our aluminized fiberglass fabric are as follows:

  • Upper Radiant temperature limit of 1650° C
  • Direct Heat protection up to 550° C
  • Reflects over 90% of the radiant heat
  • Aluminized Fiberglass is ISO 11612 certified
  • Aluminized Fiberglass gives molten metal splash protection
  • Aluminized Kevlar fabric can be provided for Cut Protection
  • Aluminized Silica fabric can be provided for high direct-heat resistance
  • Regular products include
  • Aluminized Fiberglass (450-500 gsm)
  • Aluminized Kevlar (500-550 gsm)
  • Aluminized Silica (750 gsm)

Aluminium foil protects against radiant heat sources and resists oil and moisture Does not contain asbestos or ceramic

1 Meter AND 1.5 Meter

Usage/Application : Hot Insulation, Bellow Making Sleeves, Automobile Hose Covers Etc.

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