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Fiber Glass Cloth

Fiberglass fabric is used for many industrial products. That is because the fiberglass, as a composite material, is light in weight and versatile along with high heat resistance. This makes it an easy choice for application in extreme heat conditions as well as various composite parts.

SHINDE FIRE SAFETY PRODUCTS , India, are one of the renowned fiberglass fabric manufacturers in the country. We manufacture a range of multipurpose, heat resistant fiberglass cloth. As fiberglass cloth manufacturers in India, we make a range of products both in solid weave fiberglass cloth and open weave netting fiberglass fabrics.

Our fiberglass fabrics are made from E-glass yarn, and crafted with a continuous operating temperature upto 550°C-600°C. The fiberglass cloth is woven in various weaves, weights and thicknesses with the highest quality Type E fiberglass yarns. This ensures the fiberglass cloth is high heat resistant and has high strength to weight ratio making it an ideal choice for composites. It does not contain asbestos or ceramic.​ Fiberglass fabric can be coated with vermiculite, silicone or can be given heat treatment making suitable for various applications.

The fiberglass cloth uses are:

  • Composites
  • Welding Protection
  • Insulation
  • Gasketing
  • Expansion Joints
  • Heat Shields and Containment
  • Oven Door Seals
  • Emergency Fire Blanket
  • Personnel Protection, Safety Clothing and more

Our fiberglass cloth specification is as follows:

  • Maximum temperature limit is of 600°C
  • Offers continuous temperature resistance till 550° C
  • Excellent Insulation properties
  • The fiberglass fabric is strong, flexible and non-hazardous
  • It can be coated and/or aluminized
  • The Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass offers protection of up to 1000° C
  • Heat Treated Fiberglass offers ease of use and better stitching
  • The fiberglass cloth is also available in mesh form starting from 25 gsm up to 400 gsm

Closed Weave Fiberglass Fabrics

  • 48 gsm Plain Weave Fiberglass Cloth (Style 1080-  0.05 mm)
  • 105 gsm Plain Weave Fiberglass Cloth (Style 2116 - 0.08 mm)
  • 160 gsm Plain Weave Fiberglass Cloth (Style 7630 - 0.12 mm)
  • 200 gsm Plain Weave Fiberglass Cloth (Style 7628 - 0.18 mm)
  • 300 Gsm Plain Weave Fiberglass Cloth (10 mil- 0.25 mm)
  • 420 gsm 4H Satin Weave Fiberglass Cloth (Style 141 - 0.40 mm)
  • 860 gsm 4H Satin Weave Fiberglass Cloth (0.8 mm thickness)

Open Weave Netting Fiberglass Fabrics:

  • 45 gsm Leno Fiberglass Mesh  (Mesh Size: 2.5 mm X 2.5 mm)
  • 145 gsm Leno Fiberglass Mesh  (Mesh Size 4.5 x 4.5 mm)
  • 160 gsm Leno Fiberglass Mesh  (Mesh Size 5 mm x 5 mm)
  • 250 gsm Leno Fiberglass Mesh  (Mesh Size 1 mm X 1mm)

Fiberglass checkered cloth is a non-twisted roving plain weave fabric, which is an important substrate for hand-laid fiberglass. The strength of fiberglass cloth is mainly in the warp and weft direction of the fabric. For occasions that require high warp or weft strength, it can also be woven into unidirectional cloth. It can arrange more untwisted rovings in the warp or weft direction. Warp cloth, single weft cloth.Glass fiber cloth is mostly used in hand lay-up process. Glass fiber reinforced material grid cloth is mainly used in ship hulls, storage tanks, cooling towers, ships, vehicles, tanks, and building structural materials. Glass fiber cloth is mainly used in industry: heat insulation, fire prevention and flame retardant. The material absorbs a lot of heat when it is burned by a flame and can prevent the flame from passing through and isolate the air.Fiber glass cloth is weave by filament fiberglass texturized fiber. It has better insulating properties and greater fullness.The insulating properties depend upon conductivity and radiation and these are influenced by the fabric construction. It the ideal substitute for the asbestos cloth.

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